The Human Givens Explained

All living things are characterised by:

  • interaction with their environment
  • a mechanism that orients the organism with its environment so basic needs can be met
  • threatened survival and growth if these needs are not met.

These are 'givens' - universal characteristics across all species. In the case of organisms like coral or plants, the interaction with its environment is relatively simple, it does not need a brain for example. However, as the organism's interaction with its environment becomes more complex, such as humans being able to make survival and growth decisions, their needs, as well as the range of resources available to get these needs met, increase significantly. This 'needs/resources/environment' balance represent 'human givens' - universal across all cultures.

A holistic view

The term 'human givens' refers to a set of ideas that, among other things, provides a holistic view of what it is to be human. The ideas explain for example:

  • the role the environment plays in human survival and growth
  • the mechanism that orients the human mind toward getting its physical and emotional needs met
  • the nature of human needs and available resources
  • what happens when needs are not met, and resources are not used; from poor interaction with environment; orientation mechanism not functioning well; inappropriate use of resources

The human givens are explained in detail, including principles and application framework during the introductory seminar Introducing the HG Approach

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