Certificate of Applied Psychotherapy (Human Givens)

This online course is based on an award-winning program designed for the development of 'soft' skills such as awareness, visualisation, emotion management and creativity. Essential to the design is learning placed in a context that allows participants to experience the application of new ideas. Participants are, in effect, learning by doing - asking themselves 'what have I learnt that could be applied here?'. The 'here' is the course tutors playing the role of an emotionally distressed person online, responding to the application of simple effective strategies that can make all the difference.

The learning context for this course is a simulated national mental health initiative where health practitioners are contracted to deliver therapeutic interventions using the HG approach to emotional health. As part of their contract, practitioners undertake professional development in the HG ideas, and deal with a case load of three clients as directed by the organisation accountable to the funding authority.

Since the pilot program of 2013, and after some revision and additional content, this seven-unit online course is offered to all professionals and students in the area of emotional health and well being. For members of the Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (AACHP), the course provides valuable Continuing Professional Education points.

As it is our intention that all professionals and students in the area of emotional health and well being be given the opportunity to complete this course, the 'selection' process is 'as if' it was an actual community health initiative, and to set the simulated learning context in participants' minds. It is not used to disallow anyone a place.

Remember, the experiential aspect of this training course relies on simulation - 'as if' you are part of a team of contractors for the community mental health project as described. This simulation aspect starts with the registration of your interest, and the application process may well feel as if you are applying for a job rather than for a training course, that is deliberate. I encourage you to enter this simulated learning environment with a sense of exploration and creative adventure.

NOTE: You are strongly advised to read the 'Commonly Asked Questions' to clarify anything you are not sure about, or talk with the Course Coordinator, Merv Edmunds 0432 374 285.

To register your interest, go to: www.avec.com.au

avec is a virtual company selecting the health practitioners for this community health initiative.


All information and coursework provided by applicants/participants will be treated confidentially by the Course Coordinator (Human Givens Australia). From time to time, it can be helpful to share responses submitted with other course participants for educational purposes. In such an instance, you would be contacted accordingly and it is hoped that you would give your permission for specified extracts of your work to be used to enhance the learning outcomes for all participants. All such permissions will be acknowledged.